Rough Version

Venice 2013

Before I went to Venice, these were the ten artists I was excited about (and apparently over 10,000 people read this which is mental).

When I came back these are the works that blew my mind: Best of Venice 2013

If you want to hear me blab about it all in person, I'll be joining JJ Charlesworth and Paul Pieroni at the ICA for a lunchtime debrief at 1pm:

These are the things that did not get mentioned in the official story:

Dancing from the minute the music started until 3am on a weird island at Jeremy Deller's incredible party, complete with naked table dancing man (who later put his clothes on, came up to me and knelt in worship at my feet as I danced - as you do); sharing stolen vodka in Le Baron in the Bauer with Anri Sala and Theaster Gates's table; eating asparagus lasagna at Il Paradiso Perduto in Canneregio not once but twice; the amazing Pasticceria Rizzardini beneath our flat for daily macchiati and crostata mele at the bar each morning; hanging out at the Emdash party in a room so rococo it looks like angels vomited and it dried; bumping into half of London at sandwich shops, kebab shops and of course the brilliant Palazzo Peckham; being overwhelmed by beauty at Museo Fortuny