Rough Version

Smile Smile Smile

On way to Basel tomorrow and am packing (in a suitcase a quarter of the size of the one I brought to Venice - I'm learning). Listening to Jayson Musson's incredible CVS Bangers mix which I recommend immensely. I've know him since his Plastic Little days, put him in my last book and am very very proud in a show at Grimm Museum back in 2010 (the first time his alter ego Hennessey Youngman had a gallery outing I might add). The mix cannot help but make you smile - in a magic FM in a taxi on the way home in 4am kind of way - and inspired this little blog of smiley art.

Artists images from top to bottom - Eddie Peake, Richard Jackson, Shoplifter aka Hrafnhildur Arnardottir, Alisdair Frost