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Its back to school time. Here is some of my homework

Interviewed Wu Tsang about his current Gropius Bau show fro

I previewed the best shows to see in Copenhagen during Chart for Frieze

I went on Monocle24 to talk about Olafur Eliasson at the Tate and Vertigo at Miumok with Robert Bound, and the month before talked Cindy Sherman and early Hollywood plastic surgery

My cover feature with Martine Rose for Kaleidoscope magazine got archived online

I interviewed Lawrence Weiner and wrote a prelim to his show at OSL Contemporary opening this week

I have a new position as Associate Curator of Fourthree. Each month iā€™ll be presenting a new artist film that will stream for a single week. My first was The Salivation Army by Scott Treleaven: - here is my text intro

You could describe The Salivation Army as a queer youth cult. Founded by Canadian artist Scott Treleaven, this underground punk gang was rooted in a DIY publication that brought together drawings, photos, collages, texts and manifestos, influenced by the artwork of Derek Jarman, William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, as much as pagan traditions and the anger of David Wojnarowicz. By issue two, the zine had attracted international followers inspired by its darker take on esoteric radical queerness. The zine ran from 1996-1999 and Treleaven created this film in 2002 as a semi-mythical explanation as to how the publication began and developed into something far beyond its ambitions. Part documentary, part artwork, this haunting short film echoes a cut-and-paste pre-internet aesthetic and includes music by Psychic TV, The Electric Newspaper and KC Accidental. Treleaven's radical, mystical, sexually explicit and transgressive take on activism highlights an important touchpoint in queer history that should not be forgotten.