Rough Version

Recommended Reading


I'm a visiting lecturer in Linz at the moment and I put together a spur of the moment reading list for my students - I thought I'd share here too!

24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep by Jonathan Crary

Capitalist Realism and The Weird and the Eerie by Mark Fisher

Boredom and Art: Passions Of The Will to Boredom by Julian Jason Haladyn

Watch This Space by Francesca Gavin (distributed via Antenne Books)

Colin de Land, American Fine Arts by Dennis Balk

‘High Rise’, Complete Short Stories and ‘Concrete Island’ by JG Ballard

‘To Our Friends’ and ‘The Coming Insurrection’ by Invisible Committee

The Artist as Curator Edited by Elena Filipovic

Notes on Funk by Adrien Piper

Can Jokes Bring Down Governments? By Metahaven

An attempt at exhausting a place in Paris by Georges Perec

Theft is Vision by Bob Nickas

Forced Entries by Jim Carroll

The Secret War Between Uploading and Downloading by Peter Lunenfeld

Svetlana Boym on Off Modernism

Hennessey Youngman on Relational Aesthetics

Whitechapel Documents of Art series of books

House by Yu Ogata and Ichiro Ogata Ono

Collage Culture by Mandy Kahn, Aaron Rose and Brian Roettinger