Rough Version

On the road

I've been writing a lot of lists at the moment. The highlights from Istanbul for Dazed and Artsy, rundowns from Artissima in Turin, favourites in Chicago and yes with Miami coming up i'm doing a cluster of those. This is obviously all a condition of travel way too much this year (I know... poor jet lagged exhausted me...) As a change from art, here are some the best places I ate and drank (and danced).

Parson's Chicken and Fish, Chicago
For two words. Negroni. Slushies. I would regularly jump in a taxi to go to this place for this drink alone.

Gaspar, Karakoy in Istanbul
The food here is so good, it interior the right side of chic and if you're lucky the owner will be drunk and playing an extended mix of Talk Talk 'Its My Life'.

Alberto Marchetti, Turin
The zabaione ice cream here was definitely the best version of it I've ever had. And this in a city that invented the nutella stuffed croissant...

That tiny bar in a courtyard in Athens

It might have been metamatic but i'm not really sure as I was dragged there with an editor friend by a local curator and in my memory it was much grimier and random than this.

La Java, Paris

Because I had a really really fun messy night dancing here during FIAC at the Spencer Sweeney party and flirting in French.