Rough Version

Rough Version Top 10 Art Instagram Feeds

I'm very aware of the rather bland art Instagram lists floating around at the moment. So I wanted to point out there is a world beyond the American cliches..... Mine is obviously @roughversion

1 Ken Kagami @kenkagami
It's the best one out there. It's that simple. Kagami is insanely prolific, funny, uses the forum briliantly and has a really kawaii little girl

2 Jayson Musson @jaysonmusson
I started supporting Jayson way back, putting him in shows and books since 2010. He likes the internet, the internet likes him.

3 Amalia Pica @amaliapica
Smart, international artist. Smart, international imagery.

4 David Noonan @davidnoonan
Everything is black and white in my fave Australian's feed. He also has a very cute black toy poodle...

5 Alistair Frost @ajcfrost
I love Frost's emoji stylisation (if you want more smileys i also recommend @thesmilefacemuseum and @obreuning)

6 Aaron Rose @allegedpress
Every post is Rose telling a joke in front of the Hollywood sign in LA. An artwork in itself.

7 Ed Atkins @warmspringmouths
My love of Mr Atkins' work is well established. I love his heads, hands, noses and general disembodiment. (It might be private too so oops)

8 Luca Lo Pinto @lucalopintoo
Curator and editor of Nero Lo Pinto again shows me good international European stuff that feels fresh to see.

9 Boychild @boychild
I've wrote a little profile on her out in the next issue of Kaleidoscope. Her feed is like an array of little futuristic Cindy Sherman self portraits.

10 I Call Bullshit @icallb
I'm slightly afraid to put this here as I'm sure they'd call me bullshit but this feed is gossipy NY bitchery and fun to read

Also check out: @brionnudarosch @aleksandradomanovic @SD @chris_dorland @jessewine1
@bignickberlin @atfirstiwasafraidiwaspetrified @morelbooks and everyone else I'm following