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Top 5 from the Autocenter Benefit Auction

Working with Autocenter on the current Re-Discovery 1:Sture Johanesson/Laura Buckley show was incredible - it is a brilliant space that has amazingly been running on no budget since 2001! Their current benefit auction is also exceptional. These are my top five works that I think are serious bargains (so much more here too including Jorinde Voigt, Lothar Hempel, Andre Butzer, Yngve Holden etc). Bidding ends March 28 online and the auction itself is at Autocenter 4pm on Saturday 29 March.

Eli Continas incredible collage piece pictures above, and possibly the biggest bargain in the auction.

David Ostrowski I can't help but get off on Ostrwoski's abstract works.

Kristine Roepstorff Probably my favourite work in the show. An incredible multi media collage.

Oliver Laric abstract work made from shredded couterfeit CDs. Simply genius.

Markus Selg Stunning still life print work.