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Lots of writing out and about at the moment (gosh whenever I write that explaining update delays it makes me cringe and think of this Cory Arcangel project!!)

So here are 10 things I have written and seen and recommend to all - aside from The Book of Hearts which has made appearance at Grand Central Station, Artwords and Scribbler (as well at the Observer magazine and Independent online)

1 I was turned on by these exhibitions: Gauguin at Ordovas, William Burroughs at Photographers Gallery, Stephen Willats at Raven Row, Cecile B Evans online AGNES piece for the Serpentine, Christian Jankowski at Lisson and the incredible Heath Bunting piece 'Skint' in the Contemporary Art Society show at Whitechapel

2 Interviews with Simon Denny and Nate Boyce respectively for

3 Cover feature interview with Bjarne Melgaard about his Gavin Brown show for the Man/Boy issue of Sleek

4 The Return of Paris for Artsy

5 Top 10 Girls on Show for Dazed Digital

6 How art is getting to grips with on and offline space for Artsy

7 My Dazed Q&A with Ed Atkins now online

8 Piece on my September show at V1 Gallery included in issue 1 of Riposte

9 Issue 9 of Twin magazine on shelves with interview I did with Kerry James Marshall, pieces on Philip Lorca di Corcia, Nicola Tyson Copenhagen art scene and a curated exhibition project from Henry Kinman.

10 Interviews with Camille Henrot and Collier Schoor in the girls rule issue of Dazed

Image Tales of Paradise: Gauguin installation view, Photography by Mike Bruce at Ordovas