Rough Version

Things to do in London this week

Cosmo's Levels at The Sunday Painter - the gallery that always gets me heading south (also in Peckham Friday Night there is a Guy Gormley opening at Son Gallery and big art/music event from Viktor Timofeev at Hannah Barry)

Death at The Wellcome Collection - which has so much good work in it (Dix, Bellmer, Goya, Ensor) you could go twice (Image credit: Untitled (Skulls with fingers and eyelash), Ray Johnson (1927–1995, USA) collage on illustration board, c.1985–95)

Gabriele Beveridge at Rod Barton Gallery - for assemblages and double exposures
N/V Projects and Pio Abad at Plaza Plaza - both opening on County Street near Elephant (yes its all about SE this week) this Thursday night the 22nd.

The Vivisector curated by Todd Levin - group show around Cindy Sherman with a doll angle at Spruth Magers (opens Thursday night as well as Kristine Roepstorff / Olaf Breuning shows at Pippy Holdsworth nearby)