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The end of The Dark Cube

The show has closed - followed by a brilliant performance lecture by this year's Emdash award winner Cecile B Evans at the Palais de Tokyo, which was documented by Purple Diary. Her 'lecture' played with ideas of interpretation, association and the impossibility of things. She used The Dark Cube as an example - speaking on the show like a wikipedia entry before it collapsed on itself. It was the best closure to an exhibition I have ever experienced.

The show was also covered in the following places:

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And you can see some documentation here (thanks to artist-photographer-filmmaker David Ledoux)

Harry Burden 'Dirty Fucking Hippies' (2012) details

Antoine Catala 'Fantastique' (2012); Ben Sansbury 'Changing Change' (2012)

Scott Treleaven, 'The Body Electric' (2012)

Oliver Laric 'Chippendale Cube' (2012)

Clunie Reid 'World Without Images' (2012)

Thomas Dozol 'I Can Barely Hear You' (2012)

Scott Treleaven 'Walking With Thee' (2012); Jeremy Deller 'Did He Change Your Life?' (1994)

Juliette Bonneviot 'Stepanova/Popova/Adidas/Puma/Umbro/Reebok/Nike' (2012)

Kasper Sonne 'Untitled Carpet No 3' (2012)

Anne de Vries 'Trance Tracks' (2012)