Rough Version

Colin de Land

While writing a feature for Dazed about Bernadette Corporation I started getting super interested in Colin de Land - who ran American Fine Arts where some of the collective met. I wish people like this still existed in the art world but I'm not sure if they do. Or if they do they are few and far between (and a little less like Jim Jarmusch characters). He died in 2003. Powerhouse did a book about him a few years later which I'm sure is going to end up on my bookshelf. There's a cancer foundation named in his and his wife's honour for the NYC visual artists world - which considering the American health system is a nice idea.

A reluctant interviewee

talking about his start (towards the end of this weird Dutch 80s film thing)

Top Image: Colin de Land at the beach ca 1980, Photographer unknown. Colin de Land collection, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian institution