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Junk Jet N°5, the net.heart issue, is hands down the best publication of the year. Editors Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest deserve a round of applause. The small book-zine has brought together essays and imagery exploring all things art slash internet. I've flagged a couple of these essays in the past - Artie Vierkant's impressive 'The Images Object Post-Internet' and Natalie Bookchin and Alexei Shulgin's 'Introduction to Net. Art' (1994-1999) - but there are lots of other pieces preserved between these pages which were fresh to me. Texts by Brad Troemel, Will Brand, Aureliano Segundo and Nicholas O'Brien which are thought provoking, awesome, inspiring, insert a superlative here... As well as artworks by Hanne Mugaas, Ben Vickers, Mike Ruiz, Constant Dullaart, Nicholas Sassoon, JODI, Parker Ito etc wrx. Immensely rereadable. I wish I had made this book.