Rough Version


Some of my work has burst out there today. Looking at this list no wonder I'm knackered...

* The press announcement about the show I'm curating at MU has gone out into the ether! It opens April 8 The New Psychadelica (Sample image above by Yoshi Sodeoka).

* I curated an art alphabet for AnOther magazine's 10th anniversary issue - I'm really proud we've got letters from Paul Noble, John Baldessari, Susan Hiller, Tal R, Marnie Weber etc. It's the biggest art project the magazine has ever done.

* Read some of my interview with Hedi Slimane here (another version is in the May issue of Dazed alongside a piece on Mike Nelson).

* I'm sitting on a panel you can buy tickets for about fashion and film for the Birds Eye Film Festival on March 9 at 6pm at the NFT1 (giving an art perspective).

* Dazed Live festival tickets go on sale (i'm curating the exhibitions in the show).