Rough Version

Goodbye to Berlin

The crazy month is over. I curated and installed the collection at the new Soho House Berlin and am really proud. All Berlin based artists including Douglas Gordon, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Christian Jankowski, Adrien Ghenie, Anselm Reyle, Cyprien Gaillard, and a ton of young ones.

Had an amazing time and am sad to leave. Went to Bellmer and Bourgeois which didnt disappoint. The top show of gallery weekend for me was Peter Doig's curated show at VW - an amazing selection of paintings and a room with some brilliant videos including my favourite video piece ever - Adrien Piper's Funk Lessons (and rough youtube clip above).

The month was particularly great because of Cecile Evans, Clarissa Labin, Ella Soccorsi, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Oliver Laric, Aleksandra Domanovic, Samuel Boutruche, Johann Koenig, Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas of AIDS 3D, Ana Finel Hongiman, Aaron Moulton and Mette, Margherita, Nick and Javier at Peres, Johann von Lanzaneur, Paul McDevitt, Manon Awst and Benjamin Walter, Jean Gid Lee and Andrew Cannon, in fact the list is way too long. Normality feels really daunting.