Rough Version

Tokyo 2: Utrecht and Christian Holstad

My wonderful talented creative friend Naoko Higashi introduced me to a bookshop in Aoyama in Tokyo. Utrecht was hidden away above a garage on the 2nd floor about five shops past the Prada building. Inside was a brilliantly curated selection of independent publications, a small gallery and a sun terrace where I enjoyed a proper cup of tea. I bought an edition by Christian Holstad repped in Tokyo by Hiromi Yoshii . It was a box called 'Fellow Travellers' filled with facsimile photos that Holstad had collected across American flea markets of people in Halloween costume. The publication was created by Edition Nord. It is one of the weird fascinating things you travel around the world to find. I won't scan more than one as I don't want to ruin the surprise for those who search it out. It is worth the effort.