Rough Version


I'm having this huge urge to buy printed matter today, but I cant find anything to purchase! A deeply frustrating urge. I wish that I was in Berlin and could pop into the giant branch of Koenig books but I'm not. However instead I'm going to list some books I like so I can fuel someone else's urge...

Four Stories Ingmar Bergman (Marion Boyars)

Cameron Jamie (Hatje Cantz)

The Tribe by Jean-Michel Mension(Verso)

Gabriela Fridriksdottir (JRP/Ringer)

Taxi-Driver-Screenplay by Paul Schrader (Faber)

Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art by Blanche Craig (Black Dog)

Cult Fiction: A Reader's Guide(Prion)

Mythtym by Trinnie Dalton (Picturebox)

Studio Film Club by Peter Doig (Walther Koenig)

The Magus by John Fowles