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The Boathouse at Port Eliot

This is where I will be on the weekend... Port Eliot Festival

The Boathouse at Port Eliot Festival
Saturday July 25 2.00pm – 8.00pm
Sunday July 26 2.00pm – 10.00pm

THE BOATHOUSE is an art project space curated by artists Jennifer Lewandowski and Samuel Levack. Launched in 2007 at Port Eliot Festival, the riverside project space brings together a series of art events and performance projects. This year Lewandowski and Levack are looking at how the traditional structure and content of a festival can inspire ideas around time, space, music, public art and interactive performance.

The space launches on Saturday at 2:15pm with The Daylight Project by artist Tom Ellis, who relocates the flashes and bangs of a nocturnal firework display in broad daylight. The event closes on equally dynamic A Pair of Fires by Will Cruickshank at 7:15pm on Sunday. Throughout the weekend THE BOATHOUSE will stage One Minute Disco. On the hour every hour the first minute of Billy Idol’s Hot in the City will be blast outside the boathouse, condensing the vibe and experience of an old school rave into 60 seconds.

Artist Jennifer Lewandowski has created the interactive performance work Triptych. She has set up a traditional band line up of drums, guitar and vocals inside THE BOATHOUSE and is inviting groups of 3 to take to the intimate stage for short spells of time with only the river as their audience. The time limit fueling the urgency and intensity of their performance. X-Raydio is a sound installation by Eleanor Vonne Brown and Lucy Woodhouse featuring the ABC of Piracy and a crow’s nest listening post. Bring a radio!