Rough Version

Basic Basel

Just back from my first Art Basel (four countries in five days - venice, london, paris, basel.... ouch). Volta and Liste the other big fairs also rocked.

What i like: Andro Wekua. I loved Andro Wekua (above) before but even more so after I saw his intense, dark installation at Basel with mannequins, a disturbring film, a couple of lit chairs and an odd wall and window. I even bought a book Wait to Wait on his work.

There was also an amazing installation of Daido Moriyama photos with a very personal photocopied document by the artist about why he takes photos that was sheer poetry.

I bought some work from Toronto's Katharine Mulherin! 3 found postcard hot stamped with the words 'Los Angeles' made by the Canadian artist Sandy Plotnikoff (in the style of the piece below)

I also am keeping a very keen eye on Yarisal and Kublitz, Stephen G Rhodes, Jay Heikes, Paulo Nenflidio, Alterazioni Video and Eli Cortinas.

The trip was improved because of the presence of Kris Latocha, Maureen Paley, Oliver and Florian, Alex Logsdail, Jose and the team from Team, Tobias Wagner, Jesper at V1, Kat from Printed Matter, Alexis Zavialoff, James Fuentes and the Rhine.