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Beautiful Decay

One of my favourite sites has given Creative Space its first review! Its a brilliant blog affiliated to the increasingly well done Beautiful/Decay magazine.

My book is plugged alongside Keegan McHargue's new book - an artist i've had the pleasure to interview for Art Review and Dazed in the past. I love his work.

Here's what they wrote:

“Creative Space,” takes a look inside the homes of of artists, creative directors, fashion designers etc. You know how dogs supposedly look like their owners? Well many of these artists works and aesthetics are (not surprisingly) reflected in their living spaces as well. For example, Wes Lang who draws from the detritus and relics of Americana kitsch and history within his artworks, lives in a wood paneled apartment in New York surrounded by his his grandfather’s shotgun, odd taxidermied creations and antiques with darker implications.

I could go on, but the book was a really fascinating voyeuristic peek. What I liked too, was that unlike many “house and garden” magazines, many of the artists houses were a bit unkempt, bits of clutter and empty beer cans and works in progress allowed to breath in the rooms, rather than some immaculate standard of perfection or wealth.